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XVII Guitar Convention

XVI convegno

XVII Guitar Convention, Modena, Sala S.Vincenzo, October 1-2 1955

The annual international Guitar Convention promoted by the local guitarists’ society «I. Ferrari» and by the Provincial Tourist Office took place in Modena on 1st and 2nd October 2010.

The programme of the event included on the first day the reception of the people attending the congress, the teachers’ report on their teaching methods, the soloists’ contest and in the evening a concert given by lutenist Maestro Heinz Bischoff, another one held by the young Italian virtuoso Enrico Tagliavini and lastly that one of the duo Marga Bäuml (guitarist) and W. Klasing (violinist).

O the second day virtuoso Siegfried Behrend gave a concert, as well as virtuosa Marga Bäuml (for guitar and orchestra – Op. 30 by Giuliani). 

In the contest for aspirant teachers following musicians received the teaching qualification: Mr. Charalambos Ekmetzoglou from Athens, Mr. Antonio Graffeo from Tunis, Mrs. Carmen Lenzi Mozzani from Rovereto, Mr. Cesare Lutzemberger from Trent, Mr. Ugo De Mori from Leghorn, Mr. Pietro Battelli from Cesena, Mr. Dante Cazzago from Gardone.

The soloists’ contest included the performance of an obligatory piece (Capriccio n. 7 op. 20 by Legnani) and a piece of each competitor’s choice; Mr. Aldo Minella from Milan, Mr. Sirio Gaspari from Trent, Mr. Sante Monzani from Modena came out the best ones («Gazzetta dell’Emilia»).

The tecnical commission was composed by Prof. Doct. H. Bischoff (president), Prof. Martino Barbieri, Maestro Giorgio Balboni, Maestro Angelo Marenzi.

On the evening of 1st October the audience applauded very warmly Maestro H. Bischoff, who is really a great lute virtuoso and an inspired composer, our Mr. Tagliavini, who in spite of his young age showed his uncommon (especially technical) skill in some pieces of Giuliani, Sor, Bach, Tarrega, Barrios, Santelli, Legnani, and virtuosa Marga Bäuml, who gave a brilliant performance of some pieces of Giuliani, Legnani, Paganini together with violinist W. Klasing.

On the evening of 2nd October virtuoso Siegfried Behrend, with some pieces of Ravel, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Turina, Torroba, Granados, De Falla, Ambrosius, Ferrari, and guitarist M. Bäuml with op. 30 of Giuliani for guitar and orchestra achieved great success.

The Guitar Convention confirmed the concert performers’ bravura and highlighted the skill of some young Italian amateurs we are pleased to congratulate together with the newly-qualified teachers.


Congresso Chitarristico di Modena, in «L’Arte Chitarristica», IX, n. 53, 1955, pp. 5-6.

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