Great participation on 14 October 2017 at the XXX Guitar Convention  held  in Modena. The event, organized by the Scientific Committee constituted by Giuliano Balestra, Simona Boni, Giovanni Indulti, Vincenzo Pocci, Enrico Tagliavini, with the collaboration of the Comune di Modena will be hosted in the elegant rooms of the Teatro del Collegio di San Carlo, in the charming historical heart of the Emilian city. Just this city had received in 1933 the “First Guitar Conference” designed by Romolo Ferrari, a supporter of the renaissance of the guitar in Italy, whose major merits in favor of the instrument are recognized in the publication of the book “Romolo Ferrari e la chitarra in Italia nella prima metà del Novecento” (Modena, Mucchi editore, 2009).  


last updated November 05, 2017