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The study of the guitar in Italy in the first half of the 20th century has brought a wealth of information of great interest to the light, information which not only deserves more detailed historical consideration, but requires documentary cataloguing as well. Since this activity must derive first and foremost from the source materials themselves, a fundamental requirement for further research is the the gathering and conservation of these, with the intent to preserve their artistic and cultural value as documents. In particular, periodical literature and historical recordings from the first half of the 20th century have generated both great interest and curiosity, while confirming the unfortunate fact that from this yet recent moment of history much has already been lost. Other projects, news of which will be published in this section of our publication, are being conducted along biographical lines, with the aim of documenting the lives of individuals whose contributions to our field might otherwise be easily lost.
Our research activity, the fundamental lines of which are illustrated here below, is primarily intended to facilitate the the sharing and dissemination of the material acquired, with the intent to encourage a wider appreciation of the principal authors and works of the Italian guitar’s repertoire. The contributions, suggestions, documentation and information of as many may desire to contribute will be an important, indeed indispensable element in the realisation of this project.