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In this section we will present essays which touch upon various aspects and questions of repertoire concerning the Italian guitar, with particular attention devoted to interdisciplinary connections with other arts. Together with strictly insrument-related studies, broader ranging contributions, with an aim of illustrating the guitar in its proper historical, cultural and sociological context, will be most welcome.

Those who wish to share their studies and research, even in the form of a more generalised and preliminary publication of articles, can contact the Commitee for possible inclusion in this section.  The guidelines to be observed for articles to be submitted are the same ones adopted in the study Romolo Ferrari e la chitarra in Italia nella prima metà del Novecento and can be obtained from the publication committee upon request.

In addition, a bibliography and discography of the history of the guitar in Italy, including the contributions of both performers aand musicologists is currently in preparation. Toward this end, we would greatly appreciate contributions to this work in progress: La chitarra in Italia: per una bibliografia e discografia di riferimento.