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XV Guitar Convention

XVI convegno

XV Guitar Convention, Modena, Teatro del Collegio San Carlo, October 10-11-12 1953

The International Guitar Congress, which also included composition contests for guitar with other instruments and for solo guitar, a performance contest for amateurs and promising young musicians, and a guitar making contest, took place in Modena on October 10th, 11th and 12th.

During the three evenings were held the concertss of the guitarists Marga Bauml from Graz and Maria Luisa Anido from Buenos Aires and of lutenist Heinz Bischoff from Salzburg.

The prizes in the composition contest for guitar with other instruments and in the contest for concert performers were not awarded. The other prizes were distributed as follows:

Composition contest for solo guitar: 1) Pezzoli Giorgio from Bologna; 2) Cesare Lutzemberger from Trento; 3) Antonino Graffeo from Tunis.

Performance contest for amateurs and promising young musicians: 1) joint winners Paolo Bilia from Milan and Mario Benigni from Trento; 2) Claudia Tempestini from Milan; 3) Alberto Paoletto from Trento; 4) Giorgio Buzzi from Milan; 5) Mario Bertelli from Ostiglia; 6) Sergio Ruggeri from Milan; 7) Attilio Rossetti from Bollate; 8) Francesco Amaina from Librizzi Nasidi.

Guitar making contest: first absolute prize, and first prize A Enrico Piretti from Bologna; first prize B Pietro Gallinotti from Solero; 2) Nicola De Bonis from Bisignano; 3) Pietro Gallinotti; 4) Nicola De Bonis; 5) Nicola De Bonis; 6) Mario Filippini from Rome; 7) Leone Sanavia from Liettoli; 8) Leone Sanavia; 9) Mario Filippini; 10) Fausto Maria Bertucci from Rome.

During the evening concert on Saturday 10th October Miss Marga Bauml performed in the Theatre of St. Charles College, playing  compositions of Bach, Coste, Sor, Legnani, Turina, Malats, Albeniz, Friessnegg and getting warm applauses especially for her performance in Bach, Sor, Legnani e Friessnegg, revealing great interpretational qualities and a polished technique which excited the  admiration of the audience.

Renowned concert performer Maria Luisa Anido played on Sunday 11th, filling the audience of enthusiasm by her exceptional virtuosity, her noble interpretational art, particularly expressive in compositions of Galilei, Sanz, Rameau, Bach, Mozart, Sor, Villa Lobos, Tarrega, etc.

Miss Anido, as reported by «Il Giornale dell’Emilia», met a great personal success and gave several encores.

In the evening of October 12th, closing the congress, lutenist prof. Heinz Bischoff  held the latest concert, establishing himself as a very good executant and an excellent performer of ancient music for lute, of Bach compositions and of a «Double Royal Fugue» by Prof Romolo Ferrari, which got a great round of applause from the audience.

Convegno Chitarristico Internazionale di Modena
, in «L’Arte Chitarristica», VII, n. 40-41, 1953, p. 16

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