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Gallery of works by guitarists-painters

The project of a gallery dedicated to the guitarists painters comes by the desire to witness the activity of numerous figures of guitarists who distinguished themselves also in the pictorial art and of Italian painters who also cultivated a passion for the guitar.

The project is part of a wider research about the iconography of the guitar in Italy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, aimed to deepen the musical world of this period, and consists in collecting works of figurative art produced by many, often forgotten or little known, Italian authors, artists and guitarists.

Will be considered works made by Italian artists, following three trends of research:

1.      works on the guitar subject by Italian guitarist-painters;

2.      self portraits by Italian guitarists-painters;

3.      works of Italian guitarists-painters, also not on the guitar subject, which constitute a rare example of the pictorial work of little-known authors.

Following an alphabetical order by author, for each work are specified the author, the title, the date, the artistical techniques, the size of the work and the current location, with the aim of bringing unfamiliar or difficult to find works to the attention of researchers.

The research, which remains open to suggestions and additions, focuses on works held in museums, galleries, libraries, public and private archives and collections in order to highlight, from a different point of view, the Italian guitar context through the artistic and cultural contribution of the iconographic heritage.


Carla Costa


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The captions of the images are an indication of the collection (public or private) to which they belong. The editors of this iconographic research, are available to those who have rights, for the specification of data files, or to remove them.