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XXI Guitar Convention

XXI congresso

XXI Guitar Convention, Tokio, Bunkyo Pubblic Hall, March 5-14 1962

Dear Friends guitarists!

This work is dedicated to two men who have done a great service for guitar merits.

Richard Jacob Weissberger, guitar maker in Markneukirchen Vogtland, whose guitars today are among the best in the world, in addition to the Italian masterful violins and Steinwayfluegeln famous in all major concert halls in the world.

Prof. Romolo Ferrari, founder and president of the Società Chitarristica Internazionale.

In order to celebrate the achievements of these two men, I have organized the XXI Guitar Convention from 5 to 14 March 1962 in Tokyo in honour of Richard Jacob Weissberger and Prof Romolo Ferrari.

The program of this Congress was held in the name of the remembrance and gratitude to these famous personalities.

The Congress was preceded by a Concert of Monteverdi’s Madrigals for soprano, guitar, chorus and strings. Renata Tarrago (Vihuela), Prof. Heinz Bischoff (Lute), Charalambos Ekmetzoglou (Guitar) and the Japanese guitarists Obara, Suzuki, Takamane, Yoshida, Yokoo and Bamba in the nine days, have shown the many possibilities of the oldest musical instruments, guitar and lute.

The program consisted of 40 Japanese guitarists who performed in solos and ended with the execution of Memento for guitar and string quartet composed by Herbert Baumann.

For their willingness to support and sustain the success of the Congress, I would like to thank Mr. Azuma, the mayor of Tokyo, the Japanese, Spanish and German governments. The Asahi newspaper, Mr. Mucayama, the music publisher Zimmermann, Mr.Isao Takahashi, Murao, Sugita Iwao Takamine, Dr.Kameo Yamawaki, Professor Matsumoto, Yasumazo Obara, Oshima, Enna and all the people who have contributed.

As «memoriam» introduce this publication, in the hope that you, dear friends of guitar, you can appreciate.


S. Behrend, presentation to Für jeden Gitarristen, Francoforte, Zimmermann, 1965, p. 1.

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