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XIX Guitar Convention

XIX congresso

XIX Guitar Convention,
Erlangen, Sala del Municipio, September 28-29 1957

The XIXth International Guitar Convention took place in Erlangen (Germany) on 28th and 29th September.

On the first day, Prof. Romolo Ferrari welcomed the participants of the Congress and opened the discussion about various problems regarding the guitar. Interesting speeches were hold by Klaus Buhé, Geisler, Pahté followed by instrumental performances.

In the afternoon and in the evening, the Italian guitarists Giorgio Balboni and Enrico Tagliavini presented a public concert playing works of Giuliani, Legnani and Santelli that was very much appreciated by the large audience coming from different European cities.

The evening was closed by the very well known duo for violin and guitar Walter Klasinc and Marga Bäuml who presented original music of Paganini, C.S. Heidler and Giuliani.

The performances of the following morning were very interesting because of the participation of instrumental groups in which the guitar had a dominant part.

Very qualified musicians, united in duo or trio, played works of G.F. Händel, H. Purcell, F. Carulli, N. Pananini, A. Vivaldi, W. Bloch and S. Behrend. The artistic group was composed by: Eva Maria Egner (soprano), Linda Hoffer Von Winterfeld (flute), Heinz Friedrich Hartig (cembalo), Walter Klasinc (violin) and the guitarists: Marga Bäuml, Siegfried Behrend, Elga Kosak, Dagmar Günther and Maria Topfer.

Heinz Bischoff, exceptional expert of antique music, performed on lute pieces of John Dowland and Ernst Gottlieb Baron.

A concert dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach was hold on Sunday evening by M° Heinz Bischoff  who presented on lute: Suite in mi min. (Preludio - Presto - Allemanda - Courante - Sarabanda - Bourrée - Giga) and Preludio, fuga and allegro.

M° Siegfried Behrend played on guitar: preludio in re min. for lute; Preludio, Sarabanda and Corrente and closed the programme with the famous Ciaccona.

The important guitar meeting ended with the participation of the orchestra group of Franken directed by Erich Kloss.

The programme included: «Concerto di Aranjuez» by J. Rodrigo; «Concerto» for guitar and strings by A. Vivaldi transcribed by Behrend; «Concerto» for guitar and strings by F. Carulli; «Concertino» for flute, guitar and chamber orchestra by Hermann Ambrosius in first execution and finally «Suite Concertante 1954» for guitar and orchestra by H.F. Hartig; solists: Siegfried Behrend (guitar) and Linde Höffer von Winterfeld (flute).



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