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XVI Guitar Convention

XVI convegno

XVI Guitar Convention, Cremona, Palazzo Cittanova, September 26 1954

The Guitar Congress organized by the company «I. Ferrari» from Modena in collaboration with Maestro Sterzati from Cremona took place in Cremona on September 26th.

In the morning, after discussing the agenda, the Chairman of above mentioned company made (s. «Gazzetta dell’Emilia») an «historic speech about the figure of composer and guitar player M.Giuliani».

Afterwards the people attending the congress, among them there were some famous Italian and foreign guitarists, visited the monuments of the City, Stradivari’s exhibition and his tomb, then they had a lavish lunch with a very warm feel .

In the afternoon some guitarists showed their performers skill in the hall of Cittanova Palace, which had kindly been put at their disposal by the mayor: Mr. Balboni from Modena, Mr. Borghi, Mr. Ornerio, Mr. Maurino from Turin, Mr. Ghirarduzzi and famous composer Prof. Pezzoli from Bologna, Mr. Pilla and Maestro Tempestini from Milan, Mr. Romani from Reggio Emilia . All of them received a medal by the Chamber of Commerce of Modena and an honour diploma by the organizers of the Congress.

In the evening, closing the Congress, two foreign guitarists, Prof. Behrend from Berlin and Prof. Marga Bäuml from Graz held a concert with an interesting programme including very well selected pieces and showing during their performance their excellent technical resources and a great interpretative ability.

The audience celebrated both talented performers and warmly applauded Maestro Brasi, director of the string orchestra which performed op. 30 of Giuliani using the score remade by Prof. Ferrari, with Prof . Bäuml as soloist.

The Newspaper «Italia» from Milan writes that «The orchestra conducted by Maestro Brasi and accompanying the famous German guitarist gave a good performance even if the by force of circumstances short practices did not make possible to get a perfect fusion between soloist and strings».

Anyway, it was a nice day which left a good memory in the mind of the people attending the congress.


Notiziario dall’Italia, in «L’Arte Chitarristica», VIII, n. 47, 1954, p. 7-8.

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